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We recognise our corporate responsibility to manage the environmental impact of our business activities and to make a positive contribution, wherever possible. We believe that we have an obligation to protect and support our communities, our people, and our environment & heritage through proactive policy and a collusive approach.

Our team enthusiastically engages in local activities and we are committed to supporting the philanthropic facet of our business facilitated by The Martin Charitable Trust, a charity set up by the Martin family in 1984. The remit and the objective of the Trust is to support medical, social and children’s charities together with a commitment to the community of which its business is a part. The Trust considers applications from registered charities for support from time to time, applications should be submitted in writing to the Martin’s Properties office.

We are committed to supporting our staff in charitable or fundraising endeavours that they may undertake.

We look to engage with both local and national communities and organisations by dedicating our time and efforts to support and fundraise for groups both in the borough and those with a national impact.

In 2017 we raised almost £10,000 for a number of different charities by participating in a 100km 24 hour walk, various bake sales, a sleep out and a collection for a local foodbank. In 2018 we plan to build and improve on this effort.

We ensure that we protect and support the people that we work with across all areas of our business, including employees, suppliers and our customers.

We care for our employees and believe that we all have a responsibility in creating an open, inclusive, professional and trusting work environment, and that we remain true to Our Values. We also develop the skills of our staff to help with both their own personal development and the success of the business.

Our environment and our heritage are our key assets. We pledge that all employees consider the environmental impacts of their day to day work.

We actively engage with all stakeholders, suppliers, consultants and contractors to encourage a proactive approach to sustainability and encourage them to use innovative solutions in both building design and construction.

We act to minimise the impact of our existing portfolio on the environment by improving the energy efficiency of buildings and working to include green clauses in our leases.